Make Everyone's Life an Adventure

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Immersive storytelling and gaming software for entertainment, education and marketing.


Engage your audience

Conducttr makes the world a storytelling canvas and delivers interactive, personalized participatory experiences for millions of fans.

For brands Conducttr provides authentic, engaging experiences that blend marketing and entertainment – delivering huge increases in possitive brand sentiment and profitable consumer insights.

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Connected learning experiences

Imagine creating your own realistic, multi-platform simulation – without writing a line of code – and being able to franchise your knowledge across the world.

Imagine team-based connected learning experiences in which each team and role could receive unique information and see the consequences of their unique decisions.

Imagine collecting and comparing all the data.

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Faster, cheaper deployment

Imagine the pleasure of creating engaging websites and apps and delegating the necessary backend functions to Conducttr’s secure, scalable core.

Imagine open-source front-end code that integrates with a back-end cloud intelligence that doesn’t use code – allowing creatives and coders to collaborate seamlessly, remotely, independently or in real time.

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