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Transmedia Storytelling & Gaming Platform For Immersive Experiences.

audience engagement

Engage your audience

Conducttr makes the world a storytelling canvas – allowing anyone to deliver interactive, personalized experiences to thousands of people.

Engage audiences and learners in self-directed experiences that feel like real life by blending the digital world – mobiles, websites, email, phone calls, social media – with the physical world; delivering the right experience to the right people at the right time.

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connected learning

Connected learning

Immersive learning experiences can be delivered at someone’s place of work, on their commute, in their home or in a classroom. Wherever the learner needs to execute their job, that’s where you can deliver the experience.

All experiences you develop can be connected across multiple platforms, multiple projects and time.

Scenarios can be written once and run anywhere at any time independently of other sessions. You can even template your experiences or sell online.

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Assessment & tracking

Every interaction can be tracked at multiple levels – individual, group or team – allowing you to monitor activity in real time or analyse through data mining.

Data from wearables such as heart rate, sleep patterns and physical activity can be fed into Conducttr and used to further personalize or branch scenarios or provide context for other activities.

Any number of human observers can record open-text qualitative feedback on participants or click to record pre-defined expected behavoirs.

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