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Our mixed reality platform allows you to develop and deploy immersive scenarios faster.


Built on Conducttr, we have a range of ready-made solutions for training, assessment and recruitment.

Create massive engagement, accelerate learning and create time for yourself with TeamXp our solution for interactive experiences for teams or individuals.

Reduce your stress and save yourself hours every day by allowing our facilitation and assessment tools to carry the load.

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Conducttr is a brain that powers real-world gaming experiences. It allows you to plug-and-play different systems to provide a seamless real-world audience experience spanning mobile apps, websites, email, SMS and social media.

Rapid prototyping and launch is made possible by our unique authoring tools designed for use by non-coders for scenario-based applications. Use with our web front-end tools and you can launch your own mobile-first web apps in under 15 mins.

Conducttr provides the ultimate power to design your experience the way you imagine it – without compromise.

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We can help.

We’re working with the world’s leading innovative companies to deliver interactive experiences that reduce risk, improve staff performance and delight audiences.

Our proven design and implementation process makes you a partner in the development of your experience and, because it’s built on Conducttr, you can use a playable prototype almost from project launch to verify it’s what you want.

We can even deliver experiences in the most remote or secure places using our Conducttr Local solution with its own isolated local network.

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