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Conducttr is an interactive multiplatform storytelling tool that’s invisible to audiences.

rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping of creative ideas

Create interactive stories & games on social media, email, text messaging, web, mobile and more with or without coding.

All experiences are replayable so you can easily test, revise and relaunch.

Work from templates or create your own for re-use on other projects. Backup and restore from previous saves whenever you need to.

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Personalized interactive experiences

Segment audiences based on their behavior, language, location or any other criteria to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Create your own attributes to track any type of game mechanic: stealth, power, psychic ability, empathy… and use this to personalize experiences right down to the individual.

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immersive worlds

Immersive storyworlds that excite & reward

Allow fans to dive deeper into the storyworlds they love and ignite imaginations to turn engagement into revenue.

Conducttr can deliver persistent worlds that respond to real-world conditions and audience interaction: blending fiction and reality through any combination of worldbuilding, narrative and audience participation.

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