TeamXp allows player decisions and reasoning to be efficiently captured during strategy exercises. This makes it possible to rewind, review and mine data to understand and discuss what really works.

Blend physical games and digital simulations

New threats like cyber and influence campaigns present new challenges. TeamXp provides a way to better explore new defenses and more easily report on the outcomes.




Map counter movements are easily tracked on maps, activity feed and timeline.


Counters can have an unlimited number of states such as ‘damaged’, ‘fuelled’ etc.


Locations can have an unlimited number of attributes such as ‘occupied’, ‘infected’ etc.


Maps can be changed at any time on-demand or programmatically or by adjudicator.



Have scribes record text or audio and submit for after-action review.


You decide the adjudication process inc. prob. chance and communication of decision.


Teams can chat amongst themselves or 1-to-1 with adjudicator.


Teams & individuals can have unique views of threats and vulnerabilities.

Unlimited Virtual and Remote Teams

Remote play

With the game digitised, teams don’t need to be in the same location and adjudicators can be elsewhere too.

Easy setup

The same TeamXp scenario editor is used for wargaming as it is for crisis sims, which means anyone can quickly and easily create their own games and blend with pattern-of-life events and live role-players on communications channels like social media.


There’s no limit to the number of teams, counters or maps and you decide what information is transferred to which digital maps.


Adjudicators use the Facilitator Dashboard to review every move in real time, communicate decisions to teams and record their reasoning for later analysis.

Decision Recording

Players can use open text input to articulate their reasoning or use our mobile app for audio recording to voice their narrative and automatically upload and post – saving time and capturing more detail.

Mix and Match

While TeamXp provides full stack capability for comprehensive wargaming support, each level can be used alone so you’re free to pick and choose which technology support you want for your exercise – which means any perceived complexity is kept to the minimum you need.


Because TeamXp is a multifunctional software tool for scenario-based training, you can publish direct questions to players during play so that you capture insights contemporaneously to player actions and injects.

Unlock new insights

Data is recorded on every action, counter and location as well as social media and email activity. This means you can build heatmaps to show over- and under-reliance on certain tactics and provide quantifiable feedback to trainees.