Immersive Reader – the book that reacts to your reading

Immersive Reader is a web app that allows an ePub document to trigger external events when the reader gets to certain locations in the text. For example, when the reader gets to the end of Chapter 1, you might unlock a video for them; when they read about a scary phone call they might actually get a call! And there’s no reason for any event to happen immediately. You might decide that if someone’s reading at night before bedtime, they’ll get a wake-up call at 7am the next day!

Built as a Communicator “app” and powered by Conducttr, interactions needn’t be limited to simple if-this-then-that triggers. For example, maybe content is only released after 50 readers have made it to Chapter 2 or that phone call in the example above changes by time of day or day of week. Maybe chapters in the book are only unlocked once a video is watched 100 times or if readers vote on Twitter for the ending they want.

Your book can be as linear or as multi-linear as you wish – with Chapters loading and unloading depending on any criteria you set. For example, a Whatsapp-style conversation with a character invites the reader to take sides. This choice consequently decides which chapter is unlocked next.

How it works

When writing your book, select a word or paragraph that marks the spot where something “extra” should happen. You add a hyperlink as you would normally except the link is formatted differently to indicate it’s a Conducttr trigger. When you’re ready, save or convert your book to ePub and send it to us for inclusion in the Immersive Reader app on your customized version of the Communicator. The book will then be available on any smartphone web browser or desktop browser, wrapped in an interactive digital experience.

Note that Immersive Reader isn’t a “multimedia book” – it’s a book that reacts to your reading.

Can I charge for my book?

Yes. You can also allow some chapters for free and ask for payment to unlock the rest of the book.