Get the most from Conducttr and learn to express your ideas across platforms

Our recommended approach is to take 15mins to go through the Quick Start guide. We know that nobody reads instructions but Conducttr is a new paradigm to most people and a few minutes spent in orientation will result in a life time of rewarding speedy creation!

  • START HERE! Go with the flow

    Follow the video below and dive straight in!

    When you’re ready to do deeper, navigate to the Guide Start Guide


  • Implementation

    It’s time to give birth to your idea.

    Don’t spend a second longer in “development hell” – just implement, test, revise and repeat. Great design will give you a firm foundation but it’s only when your experience touches people that you’ll discover where it needs to be improved. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back – just got for it and learn as you do.

  • Online Training

    Free online training that’s available whenever you are.

    Learn online at your own pace with a series of courses from absolute beginner to advanced.


  • Examples

    Unleash the power within because everything starts with a good idea.

    Creativity is the capacity to mix elements in unexpected ways. Explore the sections below to stimulate new ideas and projects and draw inspiration from our toolkits and tips.

  • Design

    A great experience starts with great design

    This section presents frameworks, tools and insights to help you structure your thoughts.

    Sometimes you’ll want to sketch ideas on paper or complete the Active Story System workbooks. But try to start transferring your ideas to the Whiteboard in Conducttr as soon as you can. The Whiteboard is designed to hold ideas and then become an active documentation source – be sure to check it out.

  • In the classroom

    Hands on with experts at your place or ours.

    We offer a range of half day, one day and two day courses designed to get you, your team or students supercharged.

    We also have a train-the-trainer 2 day course for lecturers and trainers who would like to educate others.

  • Conducttr Conference 2014

    Check out THIS YEAR‘s Conference – Conducttr 2015!

    Conducttr Conference brings together ART, COMMERCE and ACADEMIA to present the “HOW” of transmedia storytelling.

    On October 17th 2014, a gathering of creative people shared and learned more about the practicalities of developing and running transmedia experiences.

    Please check back as more content is released over the coming months.

  • Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling 2nd Edition


    This is the second edition of Robert Pratten’s massively popular Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling. It’s a practical guide to developing cross-platform and pervasive entertainment written by a thought-leader and early practitioner. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, this book is filled with tips and insights gained from years of work in multi-platform interactive storytelling.

    To download a PDF copy, please email “getting started” to

    The “Project Reference Guide” that’s mentioned in the book can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • Support

    Ask questions and seek answers.

    Checkout the Author Guide and the Support Forum.