Data Center Disaster Training

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Immersive leadership development scenario

Data center managers learn leadership skills by surviving a two week crisis scenario

Cnet’s Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management is a distance learning course with trainees working in 5 different timezones.

Trainees learn about security and disaster recovery, organisational capability development and decision making in critical services.

 The Scenario

Working with a subject matter expert and after conducting industry interviews, we developed a 2-week simulation that put trainees into the role of Incident Manager for a fictional publishing company.

At the start of week 1, a fire in the Manchester computer center causes a prolonged outage and the backup system in the US isn’t big enough to run all the critical systems. Trainees must “interview” interactive personas to determine which applications to run, how to manage repairs and when to conduct investigations.

At the start of week 2, it’s discovered that the fire was a diversionary tactic that allowed someone to install malware which results in leaked celebrity photos.

In week 3 the trainees must complete a written report.

Progress and Platforms

The experience plays out over email, phone calls and a web application that simulates social media, an internal messaging system and other communication channels.

A stock price chart shows how the company reputation is being damaged or improved by decisions made by the trainees.


A demonstration of the game can be played here: