Connected Universal Assessment & Real-time Analysis Training Tool

Personal assistance for training instructors

Working the UK MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), we were commissioned to develop an agile training assessment tool the was easily configurable for all types of exercises – joint collective, team and individual.

The result was CUARATT, an intelligent personal assistant that delivers faster mission-readiness, deeper insights and lower training costs.

It does this by analyzing real-time data, sharing its insights and adapting the exercise automatically or as instructed. Use for tactical or strategic training exercises.

Conducttr cuaratt diagram

Benefits to Instructors

NO MORE PAPERWORK, GUESS WORK OR REMEMBERING – quantitative data is tracked by activity feed and timeline alongside qualitative observations and assessments from any number of observers & umpires.

PREVENT ACCIDENTS – identify safety issues such as dehydration & exhaustion as well as carelessness or poor judgment in real-time and take corrective action quickly

Benefits to Military Leaders

FASTER MISSION READINESS – thanks to real-time data giving improved in-action and after-action reviews, warriors get better, personalized feedback

DEEP INSIGHTS – analyse activity data and compare performance across time, space and teams.

Unified Action Training & Assessment

Because CUARATT is powered by Conducttr, our multi-channel storytelling & gaming platform, exercise directors can create and control strategic exercises in live/virtual/constructive environments. Simulate news events, social media, phone & radio calls to create truly immersive real-world environments that adapt to and affect synthetic environments for realistic blended exercises. Assess not only leadership decision-making but also ability to cope with stress by tracking wearable data against Conducttr’s simulated PESTLE conditions and results of actions taken.

strategic exercises