The most complete suite for experiential learning
TeamXp suite delivers life-like, hands-on experience of any incident so your teams can practice, gain confidence and build bonds.


– Presenter –

Maintain an active discussion

The Presenter is a web application intended for the big screen TV or projector in a meeting room. Integrated with TeamXp suite, it allows trainers to deliver seminar-style exercises that prioritize discussion over direct player interaction with technology.

Because it’s part of the TeamXp experiential learning suite, your exercise can be delivered via Twitter, Facebook, breaking news video, blogs… adding pace, realism and the sense of an unfolding scenario where Powerpoint never does.
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– Virtual desktop –

Engage within a secure environment

Players interact directly with incoming emails, phone calls, breaking news, chat messages, social media and more via the TeamXp secure virtual desktop. The TeamXp virtual desktop loads in any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) which means you can rehearse or train anywhere.

All player responses and interactions are logged and monitored via a facilitator dashboard.


– Facilitator dashboard –

Faster, better feedback

The facilitator dashboard is used by the exercise moderator to control and monitor an exercise. Using a tablet or desktop, the facilitator fires injects, supervises the conversation across channels and controls team and role configurations.

Data on player decisions, messages and response times are sent in real-time to the facilitator allow them to provide immediate, detailed feedback for better learning outcomes.


– Scenario editor –

Bespoke scenarios with maximum relevance

The editor is a downloadable application allowing you to easily and quickly create your own scenarios. Existing Master Events List (MEL/MSEL) spreadsheets are easily imported into TeamXp allowing you to simulate exercises that would have previously required either a lot of people to run or a lot of your attention or both.

The editor also allows you to brand exercises as your own. TeamXp suite is sold as a white label service.

experiential learning suite - MEL

experiential learning suite - assessment

– Assessment toolkit –

Record player behaviors and capabilities

Observers can capture qualitative assessments in real-time, by scoring exhibited behaviors and checking expected actions. TeamXp suite allows you to design your own schema of observable behaviors and decide how these map to capabilities.

Real-time assessment allows improved, immediate feedback which improves individual and team performance. Read more….


– Pattern of life –

Dynamic content on-demand

Pattern of Life allows a facilitator to publish content feeds “on demand” rather than in sequence. This allows Exercise Control to adapt the scenario dynamically according to participant behaviour. Content feeds are typically social media but can be other content types too, published at a regular adjustable interval. Read more….

experiential learning suite - set up

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