Four licences to suit different needs




DOVE license

Entry-level licence for immersive training


Dove is the base package and includes everything you need to run immersive crisis simulations and is best suited to scripted exercises because it lacks the live exercise features of the other licences.
Included with the Dove licence Is: unlimited number of simulation sessions for up to 30 people per session; Scenario Editor for exercise development and library management; Virtual Desktop web application which provides access for participants; Presenter 3-column display interface for seminar-style exercises and simulated media wall; Facilitator Dashboard for complete control of exercise pacing and real-time data tracking; custom URL for participant access to the virtual desktop; export to Word reporting tool; style tool for custom branding and styling of your exercise.



Raven provides all of the Dove features plus enhancements for greater productivity and realism.


Included with the Raven licence Is: Pattern of Life for on-demand content publishing and realistic storyworld simulation; Conducttr video service allowing direct upload of mp4 files from scenario editor and optimum rate-adapted streaming. While Dove supports videos hosted on YouTube and Flowplayer, the Conducttr video service overcomes firewall issues at locations that ban these public video services.

RAVEN license

Realistic on-demand content publishing


HAWK license

Participant exploration and role-playing



Hawk includes all the features of Raven plus enhancements providing participants with greater freedom to explore, role-play and investigate social media.
Included with the Hawk licence is: enhancements for participants to publish and edit news articles & blog posts and additional Conducttr Video Service features allowing video upload via the virtual desktop. Social Graph delivers enhanced capability to develop and deploy complex simulated social networks with realistic friends, followers and following; Web Search allows players to search your simulated web pages and news articles; TeamChat Plus looks and works like Slack or Microsoft Teams allowing participants to create ad-hoc discussion groups.



Osprey includes all the features of the other licences plus our Social Watch dashboard which realistically emulates social media listening tools to create the world’s most advanced information action training environment.
Included with the Osprey licence is: Social Watch allows participants to create their own social media analytics and listening dashboards which respond in real-time to participant interactions and to injects from exercise control. Includes real-time sentiment analysis of participant social media.

OSPREY license

Social media monitoring



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