Engage your audience

Conducttr makes the world a storytelling canvas – allowing anyone to deliver interactive, personalized experiences to thousands of people.

Engage audiences and learners in self-directed experiences that feel like real life by blending the digital world – mobiles, websites, email, phone calls, social media – with the physical world; delivering the right experience to the right people at the right time.

Freeform Story Development

Many creators are used to developing ARGs or interactive narratives by sticking notes and images to walls and linking them with string! Well we’ve recreated that with Whiteboards… except now you can add active components such that your project is being built while you’ll developing ideas. Plus, any documentation can be linked to almost any part of the project for fast and easy access – triggers, URLs, videos, groups, characters. Whatever your development path be it story-first with index cards or participation-first with user journey diagrams, all development styles can be accommodated and interwoven.

Badges and Points

Reward audience members with badges by acknowledging any behavior – all you have to do is assign the interaction and upload the badge images. Badges can be awarded or locked and can be displayed in mobile app or web site using the Conducttr API.

Points can similarly be awarded for any interaction – individually, by team, by group or by date & time schedule. Using Conducttr’s Watch trigger, at certain levels of points you can award a badge, send an email or make a phone call!

Story so far, Catch up and Coming Soon

Offer audiences catch-up content or coming soon highlights based on their individual progress through the experience or to a date & time schedule.

Allow audiences a second chance to review character SMS, voicemails, emails, Facebook posts, blog posts and images in a single web widget or mobile app. You can even tease and entice by locking future content and having the audience solve puzzles, answer questions or communicate to unlock.

Scripted Social Characters

Allow the audience to bond with characters through scripted social interactions. Your characters watch for phrases and respond with any number of pre-scripted replies. Easily create a collection of alternative replies for your project’s common or frequently used phrases and decide how they should be sequenced.

Characters can be assigned a range of communication channels including Twitter, Facebook, SMS, telephone calls & email will then respond on the same channel or across channels, for example receiving an email and replying with SMS.

Characters do not use artificial intelligence and all communication from them is written by you and can be pre-approved by the client after outputting to a familiar film script-like format.

Inventory & Digital Lockers

The Inventory is an exciting feature that allows the audience to collect, drop and be rewarded with any type of digital content from video, audio, images, emails and more. Almost any interaction can add, remove, lock or unlock content from anyone’s personal locker. See how it’s used on The Chatsfield storyworld for Harlequin Mills & Boon where it provides guests of the fictional hotel with a safe deposit box and facilitates Jessie’s inbox.

And it doesn’t stop there. Any entity can hold any number of inventories – allowing, say, a store keeper character to keep supplies or a warlock to maintain spells.

Conducttr’s inventory system is scripted and managed without coding inside the Story Creation Environment but requires a mobile or web app with Developer API permissions.

Flock-to-unlock, Voting, Polling, & Referrals

flock-to-unlockQuickly implement frequently used game mechanics such as publishing a video trailer if a certain number of tweets have been received (flock-to-unlock); publish new content if a video receives a certain number of views or comments; invite audiences to vote or take a poll on SMS, Twitter, Facebook or Email; identify advocates who retweet the most and use Twitter to connect fans to other fans with character-generated referrals (3rd party reply).

Multiplatform Scheduling

Check out Conducttr’s impressive list of features here.

The Channel Planner displays a timeline of when scheduled content is being published and by whom. Table your characters and their channels of communication and work across the timeline clicking to pencil or commit content for publication. The Calendar allows easy viewing, adding and moving of date & time triggers and recurrent periods (such as “lunch time”, “play time” and so on). When an experience needs to be re-run, block-move the whole experience to anew start date; if you want to playtest a three-week experience, compress time and run it in three days!

Interactive Narratives

Moving from writing for movies or books to interactive multiplatform storytelling is now a whole lot easier with Conducttr’s Beat Sheet tool. The Beat Sheet provides a scene-by-scene breakdown of all the units of activity that keep your experience moving forward. With scenes representing your story, the beats represent the events and conditions that allow the story to be told. The Beat Sheet is a unique visualization of how the story maps to the mechanics of audience participation and scheduled events– allowing creatives more familiar with one-way media to get quickly up to speed with interactivity.

Connected learning

Immersive learning experiences can be delivered at someone’s place of work, on their commute, in their home or in a classroom. Wherever the learner needs to execute their job, that’s where you can deliver the experience.

All experiences you develop can be connected across multiple platforms, multiple projects and time.

Scenarios can be written once and run anywhere at any time independently of other sessions. You can even template your experiences or sell online.

Teams & Collaborative Gameplay

Collaborative play between audience members is possible using Teams. Audiences can assume team roles and get personalized content unique to their role while sharing team rewards.  An action of one team member can affect the whole team –unlocking exclusive content or sending new checkpoint details.

Private, Team-based Social Networks

Simulate social networks like Twitter and Facebook on a per-team basis in a secure, private environment so that participants learn within your walls and not on the real public social networks.

This is delivered by Conducttr Communicator –  an open-source, customizable front-end web-app that gets Conducttr authors up and running faster.

Designed to run on mobile but capable of running on desktops too, this responsive web app offers all the convenience of a mobile app without the coding, the delays or the cost.

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Adaptable to Live Circumstances

You can adjust any live project as needed – updating parameters, conditions or content and manually switching scenes on and off if the audience participates in unexpected ways.

When you’re testing and don’t want content published to the real channels, send everything to the Journal and review your output there. You can also opt to publish content to both the real channels and the Journal, making it easy to review multi-channel output in one place.

All inbound messages can be easily reviewed, searched and tracked in one convenient place without the need to open and jump between multiple email, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Behavioral Targeting & Communication

Segment your audience into groups and use powerful group combinations to target messages and personalize experiences. Any interaction can be used as the basis for adding audiences to groups – from a comment on a Facebook Page to touching an NFC tag. You can also import an existing mailing list and auto-assign a group on import.

Attributes are a powerful way to control the operation of your experience. Attach an attribute to any project entity – the audience, characters, locations, content – and use it to remember and control how that entity should behave. Easily establish, increment and decrement stealth, health, power & wealth and anything else you choose across a range of attribute types including Integer, Decimal, Boolean, String, Date, Time, Inventory.


International & Multilingual

Conducttr allows projects to be created and operated across time zones, supporting a number of international SMS and telephony providers and  most character sets including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Korean and Chinese.

Characters can be multilingual too– responding to interactions in any number of languages.

Assessment & tracking

Instructional designers create and deploy immersive training scenarios with Conducttr, to be easily assessed and tracked by any type of instructor using an agile tablet interface.

Suitable for trainees, corporates, students. Track and visualize their behaviors across different platforms: closed-user groups, social media, email and any channel you need to reproduce realistic environments. All their interactions are recorded to be monitored and evaluated by instructors, using:

Quantitative data: Real-time data from any sensor can be fed in order to understand context during assessment or to make the scenario to dynamically adapt to trainee’s performance.

Qualitative data: Immediately assess while trainees are performing.  Main instructors or appointed observers can record open-text or pre-defined outcomes.


Individual, team & collective

Make your training more productive and cost-effective managing multiple types of group. One single dashboard displays from the singular progress of individuals to expected actions to be completed by teams, classes, formations or departments.

Collectives (teams of teams) are also monitored and members of same teams can be easily compared and tagged for assessment.

Visualize trainees competencies in radar charts and team decisions in pie charts – quick assessment in a low-cognitive load interface.

In-training assessment

You don’t need to pause the training to take notes or leave the assessment for later. Track real-time inputs and combine them with qualitative observations to complete trainees records during training.

A clever interface designed to keep your eyes on your trainees’ performance and minimize the time spent in repetitive tasks.

Control the pacing deciding when to send pre-scripted inputs to the scenario or add on-the-fly provocations.

Tagging and comparison

Tag several trainees at the same time in Tagging View, with pre-configured labels indicating desired outcomes or improvable decisions. Upload pictures or floor maps for spotting faster who is who, and never confuse again trainee records using trainee pictures while tagging.

Compare members from the same groups in Timeline View. Dynamically track individual biometric data from each trainee, positioning, actions performed and benchmark information. Zoom in and out from any moment during the exercise, to better understand  mistake context or peak performance.


Customizable controls

Decide how your instructors dashboard is going to look like. Add buttons for them to launch injects or pace scenario scenes, pre-populate which aptitudes they should tag in-training, establish benchmark behaviors and select which panels are relevant to be displayed for each training.

As simple as pressing a button, our universal tablet dashboard gets rearranged from the cloud to adapt to specific needs. From customizing backgrounds to importing trainee’s databases, your instructor workload can be reduced across sessions to focus in what matters most: accurate assessment.

Sensor data

Sensor data allows to track biometric data (such as heartbeat rate, sleep hours, positioning) and environmental (such as humidity, wind, tides). This information is delivered in real-time to the instructor dashboard for context analysis and relation to trainee performance.

Data streams can be filtered to send instructor alerts when ranges are not met or to only highlight relevant information.

Activity tracking

Monitor every interaction in a live feed and spot easily specific behaviors through intuitive icons.

Make notes, send feedback to trainees and track other instructors feedback in real-time, so you visualize any event even if you are not where the training is taking place.

Trainee companion

A mobile tool for the trainees that:

  • allows trainees to record personal feedback at any exercise stage
  • captures geo-location & biometric data
  • delivers inject instructions
  • provides advice on optimal course of action
  •  sends real-time data to the instructor dashboard