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You’re the crisis manager at a major bank when hacktivists object to a publicised investment partnership and hold the organisation to ransom.
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Features we cover
  • Email: compose, shared inbox, cc, forward, reply, attachments.
  • Log channel.
  • Collaboration with instant messaging.
  • Graph of helpdesk enquiries.
  • Automated phone calls.
  • Breaking news videos.
  • Map channel for network map.
  • Pattern of life for internal concerns and customer complaints.
You’re head of comms of a major bank when a fake news campaign encourages customers to withdraw all their money and move to cryptocurrencies.
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Features we cover
  • Social listening with sentiment analysis.
  • Social map.
  • Press articles and press releases.
  • Web search.
  • Breaking news with media pop-up.
  • Impersonation.
  • Pattern of Life for tweetstorm and website visits.
  • Graph channel for website visits.
  • Map channel for Stocks.
  • Collaboration with instant messaging.
  • Social media: tweets, quote retweets, scheduled tweets, pin tweets, social graph.
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