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9/10/2019 03:00 PM
9/10/2019 03:30 PM
Live crisis simulation at Zoom webinar
Life-like crisis exercise provided by Conducttr TeamXp
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An earthquake shakes the coast of Damoria causing significant damage, injury and loss of life.

The national crisis response team must provide enough supplies, shelter and medical attention, and ensure security.

Corrupt Government officials, neighbouring State adversaries and criminals see the humanitarian disaster as an opportunity.




Ensure that food, water and clothing gets to the right destination without being stolen.

Ensure there is enough medicine and shelter in the operational area of John’s Harbor.

Keep the population calm, avoiding misinformation and riots.




10 hours

Exercise duration:

20 minutes


Humanitarian Relief

Roles and goals

You are the crisis response team.

Player 1 – Logistics
Role: Director of relief supplies
Goal: Deliver enough food, clothing and water to affected areas
Player 2 – Communications
Role: Director of communications
Goal: Maintain good communications and establish high morale & social order.
Player 3 – Medical
Role: Director of medical assistance in disaster areas
Goal: Deliver enough medicine and/ shelter and control of spread of disease.