Exercising in the digital domain

Conducttr provides a high fidelity information environment that allows live exercises to encompass realistic media operations and information operations.

Working as a “digital wrap” to physical exercises or standalone, Conducttr allows exercising for all information and narrative activities including influence operations, hybrid warfare, countering disinformation, counter-terrorism and so on.

Human terrain modelling

Create a rich cultural, political and social environment for target audience analysis.

Conduct key leader engagement with knowledge gained from simulated online data.

Build a realistic storyworld without visible boundaries.




information operations - info ops

Info Ops

Deploy realistic social media, websites and media environment to exercise open source intelligence.

information operations - media ops

Media Ops

Develop key stakeholder networks and rehearse content creation & analysis for influence activities.

information operations - simulated press


Blend pre-written articles with live journalistic pieces and interviews created during your exercises.



information operations - excon


Exercise Control

Manipulate your own flexible information environment to suit desired training objectives. Spoof and control social media reaction to training audience actions (such as Twitter storms), controlling the volume and sentiment of public reaction to apply pressure.

Through ExCon “levers”, you can control social media engagement through likes, retweets, comments and impersonating social media personas.




Provide your training audience with a social media listening tool to identify influencers, key stakeholders, sentiment, and key hashtags, and design a traceable social graph to identify friends and followers.

information operations - detect

crisis simulation software - desktop



Encourage your participants to post, like, comment, share on social media and news websites/blogs, or to infiltrate or create private Facebook Groups.

Use Pattern of Life for a rich information environment that is also adaptable to your needs during the exercise.



Analyse and report

Encourage forensic investigation through social graph analysis and messaging traffic output: session data is available for deeper analysis in tools such as IBM i2 Analysis Notebook.

Save message links in MS Office documents for intelligence products to share on simulated email or instant messaging.

information operations - report

Experience it yourself.

Join one of our frequent online live simulations. Follow facilitator instuctions and play as a participant using your own device.

One of the best ways to understand what Conducttr is about: experiencing it.


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Innovative organizations are exercising in a realistic way:


crisis training software - 77 brigade


UK StratCom



Ministry of Defense


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Blend digital and physical to explore ways to face new challenges.
Visual insights, map counters and adjudication to make your wargames more effective.


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