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TRI-PACT: Tracking IP Across the Creative Technologies

Our ‘Persistent Engagement’ stream is sponsored by TRI-PACT, a research project destined to stimulate creative and strategic thinking around the management, protection, sharing, access, use and reuse of Intellectual Property (IP) within and across the technology-rich creative domains of Film, Broadcast and Games.


The TRIP-PACT team will be giving the ‘Stories of Our Shared World’ Workshop: A workshop on co-creating with the audience


Stories of Our Shared World – Exploring value in co-creation workshop

By Mandy Rose, Sarah Atkinson & Helen Kennedy

In this workshop Mandy Rose will present a series of collaborative documentary projects in order to facilitate some detailed examination and discussion of the participant/audience/contributor as co-creator of the final work.You will be asked to contribute to consideration of how to ‘value’ these contributions and how to understand the shift in control and ‘authorship’ that is engendered by these collaborative and co-creative processes. Find out more about Mandy’s practice here: