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 Arrival and registration starts at 8:30 am. To see the entire schedule click here >> Schedule.


Health run9:05-09:45

Games for Health

Applied games for healthcare and change behaviour

By Jurriaan Rijswijk

Jurriaan talks about his broad experience as an applied game architect, creating and designing games to change behaviour in the healthcare sector. He shares his knowledge about applying game mechanics in a strategic way for training, motivation, therapy, rehab and more; explaining how these games provide an efficient, cost-effective and fun solution to improve people’s lifestyle and encourage healthy habits.



TryLife: From community workshops to interactive screen

How to write and produce a “choose-your-own-life” movie

By Paul Irwin, director and creator of TryLife

Paul Irwin talks about his award-winning project TryLife: an interactive drama to help young people safely experiment with life and make better decisions. Now in its 3rd season, TryLife addresses problems of drugs, sex and violence.Paul discusses the process of funding, writing, casting and filming the interactive movie in such a way that it stays authentic to its audience while meeting the needs of the funders – municipal health authorities more used to public health announcements.

Paul discusses the process of writing and filming and interactive drama, how to involve the audience by showing them the consequences of their actions, and how to use real data in combination with fiction.


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Engagement with Peter and Wendy

Social media storytelling to engage audiences for a long period of time

By Emmett Furey

Emmett talks about his process for engaging audiences across multiple platforms over many months and how he’s developed his practice of social media storytelling. He discusses his experience as a transmedia producer of The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, and his work in “Enter the Lodge”a- his “third season” of Twin Peaks which played out solely on Twitter.




Stories of Our Shared World

Documentary as co-creation

By Mandy Rose

Digital creative technologies, the online network, and accessible production tools have produced a new context for the documentary project of reflecting and critiquing our shared world. Mandy Rose will show how this has enabled participatory practices that were at the edges of 20th century documentary to come the fore in a range of contemporary co-creative work with “the people formerly known as the audience”.



Stories of Our Shared World – Exploring value in co-creation workshop

By Mandy Rose, Sarah Atkinson & Helen Kennedy

In this workshop Mandy Rose will present a series of collaborative documentary projects in order to facilitate some detailed examination and discussion of the participant/audience/contributor as co-creator of the final work.

You will be asked to contribute to consideration of how to ‘value’ these contributions and how to understand the shift in control and ‘authorship’ that is engendered by these collaborative and co-creative processes.

Find out more about Mandy’s practice here:


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Sex Games – Hot, Horny and Healthy

How the Mexican public health authority is using games to encourage health check-ups

By Nataly Rios

Nataly speaks about the project 3H, an initiative from the National Health Institute of Mexico to encourage safe sexual practices among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Mexico. The innovative project consists on the use of a serious game that incorporates game mechanics to reward and encourage players to: get regular checkups, get tested for HIV and Syphilis, get to know better their sexual partners, use prevention, and so on.

Nataly explains how the problem was addressed, how the web-app was designed, and what mechanisms were used to motivate individuals to go to sexual-health clinics, engage in better and safer sex practices and refer other friends.


Vicki's project


Teaching for Transformative Change

How to generate students’ community engagement through transmedia strategies

By Vicki Callahan and Michael Bodie

Vicki and Michael talk about two courses from USC’s Media Arts + Practice program which use digital media and cross platform storytelling to connect students directly to the communities and issues of concern in the neighborhood of South Los Angeles. They discuss how to generate students’ community engagement through active listening, immersive listening and transmedia strategies, and how they incorporate strategies of “speculative fiction” across utopian/dystopian landscapes to help students imagine new possibilities for the immediate community and larger Los Angeles area.


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Pirate Fishing: Participatory Documentary

How to transform a video news report into an interactive journalistic game

By Juliana Ruhfus

Juliana talks about her award-winning interactive project Pirate Fishing, in which the audience become reporters for Al Jazeera and learn how to track and expose illegal fishing in Sierra Leone. Through various tasks, they follow Juliana and her team during a real investigation, watching real documentary videos, collecting evidence and putting together a case to be reported to the relevant authorities.

Juliana discusses how she built audience participation into the project in a way that allows people to understand the issue and develop their journalistic skills.


Learning in the wild2


Learning in the wild with transmedia storytelling

How to use transmedia storytelling for informal and blended learning

By Elaine Raybourn

Elaine discusses how and why intelligent transmedia storytelling ecosystems can be game-changer for training and education. She analyses a use case in order to explore, along with the audience, potential challenges and research opportunities.

The presentation will engender a lively discussion on the use of transmedia storytelling toward the delivery of connected, enduring learning and participatory experiences.




Markarian colony16:10-16:40

Markarian Galaxy

Game design for new college student orientation

By Kerry Dobbins

Kerry Dobbins presents her amazing campus adventure in which students learn about college life and operations while making friends and having fun.

Markarian Galaxy spans web, mobile, live actors and physical spaces and offers students a wide range of location-based quests that can be completed for points, badges and virtual currency that can be redeemed in special on-campus pop-up stores.


shutterstock_258423893 (1)16:40-17:10

Creating connected experiences:

A live Sherlock Holmes crime scene

By Belen Santa-Olalla

Belen explains the design process and mechanics of the live connected crime scene created for Conducttr Conference 2015. This experience involves audience participation through NFC tags scanning, team collaboration to solve clues and leave hints, and immersive learning in the exploration of chemistry concepts integrated in an engaging in-world strategy.






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