Our customizable solutions save you days, if not weeks, of time and they deliver unparalleled engagement. The high engagement is achieved through active participation in a relevant, goal-oriented scenario in which the learner is an active role-player. These solutions accelerate learning because it feels like the real thing, faster: learners see the consequences of decisions that might otherwise take years to manifest.

Please navigate to the section that best speaks to your current situation:

Improve Efficiency

If your exercise trains people in a known problem space then check out Crisis Simulator for facilitator-led team exercises that:

  • Allow you to create your own scenarios, faster.
  • Reduce the time taken to prepare and run a facilitated session
  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to provide feedback

If you don’t have the answers and you want total freedom to adjudicate and inject content on the fly then check out our Wargaming suite.

Reduce Risk

Using our solutions, you can reduce conduct risk caused by bad behaviour and non-compliance, and you can improve safety.

If you want to recruit people who better match your culture and want to observe the behaviour of potential new recruits, then check out Crisis Simulator but you might benefit from a free consultation.

If you want to improve staff familiarity with procedures, identify performance gaps or rehearse until it’s second nature, then it could be Crisis Simulator (for teams) or TapBot (single player) or you might like to talk to us.

Improve performance

Improved performance can come from improvements in Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA), familiarity with procedures or doctrine, or identification of performance gaps.

Our Facilitator application displays real-time capture of human observations contemporaneous with data from other sources such as external systems, wearables, IoT devices and of course any Conducttr application. This allows faster insights and better, immediate feedback.

Crisis Simulator and the Wargaming Suite allow learners to rehearse until actions become second nature and see the consequences of their actions in memorable, affecting ways.

Increase Revenue

Increased revenue could come from leveraging what you do already or offering a new service.

If you’re a business that’s constrained by human resources, you could consider productizing your knowledge by building it into a Crisis Simulation or self-service TapBot. Now you have a scalable source of new revenue that’s not tied to your availability.

If you you’re a consulting or recruitment business that wants to offer something new, any of our tools can help from our Facilitation tool which will add “hard data” to open-ended qualitative exercises to Crisis Simulator and TapBot which can revitalize your existing paper-based approach with interactivity for fresh appeal to a new generation of learners.