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Conducttr makes everyone’s life an adventure by blending the real world and the digital world into an adventure playground: allowing you and your friends to participate in your favorite stories.

When you put down a book or turn off a screen, the adventure doesn’t need to end – it can surround you in real life, in an immersive, personalized experience everywhere: online, in real life, and in between.


What is Conducttr?

Conducttr is a web-based tool to build multi-platform storytelling and gaming projects via websites, social media, email, SMS, apps, the Internet of Things, wearables and tons more. It’s the world’s first pervasive entertainment platform.

It’s not an app or virtual reality headset.  It’s an unseen network intelligence orchestrating the user experience across multiple platforms (that’s why it’s called Conducttr). It’s an experience manager or audience engagement tool that integrates storytelling, gaming, and marketing automation.

You can check out a Slideshare presentation here.

people at the centre

What are the core benefits?

As content creators & brands fight for customers and attention in an over-crowded market, Conducttr revolutionizes audience engagement by creating authentic relationships via immersive experiences that blend marketing and multiplayer interactive entertainment.

Conducttr recognizes the need for social participatory stories across multiple platforms and the chance to organically integrate brands into the experience. Conducttr’s unique architecture delivers:

  • Experiential entertainment – allowing stories and games to live beyond its traditional format
  • Brand sponsor integration – unlocking new opportunities for all parties
  • Deep audience insights – allowing dynamic, real-time personalization and brand insights.

conducttr is

Conducttr provides 360-degree management of all audience interactions which means real-time personalized experiences based on previous behaviors and your experience design.

For brands it’s a powerful consumer engagement tool that connects online, social and in-store experiences – not only allowing incredibly detailed analytics but uniquely personalized experiences for millions of customers. Wondering how the Internet of Things is going to connect to an existing customer loyalty database? Conducttr.

It dramatically reduces the cost to develop, implement and manage interactive experiences that blend online and offline environments. We’ve done all the development and testing, you just need to design, connect and go.

Anyone can deliver exciting new entertainment, educational and social innovation experiences because you don’t need to code. If you are a developer then Conducttr is like wearing an endoskeleton – you’ll achieve more, faster and with less frustration.

Conducttr - connected systems

What makes it unique?

Conducttr defies existing definitions because it blends technology, entertainment, and marketing into a licensable service that offers integrated building blocks from a wide range of product categories –customer relationship management, marketing automation, a multiplayer gaming engine, and others.

Beyond entertainment…

Conducttr is revolutionizing every industry it touches. For example:

In recruitment, Conducttr helped the Dutch Ministry of Defense recruit cyber spies by offering an experience that required intelligence and technical knowledge and alerted recruiters when potential candidates demonstrated not only the practical knowledge but importantly also exhibited the desired emotional and ethical behaviors.

In heathcare, Conducttr is being used by the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico to integrate a connected healthcare solution (registrations and referrals through to location-based “check-ins” at clinics) with gaming for a medical trial aimed at increasing the likelihood of men visiting HIV clinics in Mexico.

In education, participants can be challenged and evaluated in realistic simulations that are indistinguishable from the real thing due to the dynamically-changing, personalized content received through social media, emails, and phone calls.


Note that reference cases are on our YouTube channel here.

 What is Conducttr?

What makes Conducttr different?

System Diagram

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Typical development layout for an interactive project.


Workspace with guides

Example layout for a scheduled publishing project – showing channel planner and calendar.

Conducttr's channel planner and calendar with music label example with guides

Close-up on the beat sheet


Close-up on the Project Activity feed

Conducttr's project activity feed